Bridge Productions, Inc.


Below is a brief biography of our staff.

Eugene Mazzola

Eugene has decades of experience in the industry within the US and internationally.  He grew up in front of the camera on the sound stages of Hollywood.  As an adult he moved behind the camera and has worked as an Actor, Producer, Production Manager, and Assistant Director. For a complete resume please visit his website.


Zita Mazzola
IA Local 871, WIF

Zita grew up in the film business as well.  Her mother was an actress in Hong Kong.  Her stepfather was a Hollywood Director and Editor.  She has been involved in the industry since the 1980's, and has worked on film and commercials all over the US.  She has numerous credits as a Production Manager, Production Coordinator, and most recently as a Production Supervisor for "The Details" starring Tobey Maquire, Elisabeth Banks, and Laura Linney. Please visit Zita's website for more information.